I have Xenofever.

Every once and awhile my favorite RPG of all time, Xenogears, gets back into my head and I have the fervent desire to play it all over again. I’ll watch youtube videos, dig up the discs and pop it in and play through the boss battles I saved right before, and just enjoy the one game that I would never get tired of.

And it came to me. “What ever happened to Xenosaga?” It’s arguably the most ambitious/pretentious PS2 RPG ever made (and notoriously cut short), and Xenogears’ prequel(s). I remember feverishly prying open Episode 1 when it was released in 2003 and playing about 10 hours of it before convincing myself that I was lied to. The main thing that killed me was Episode I’s  choice to replace Gears’ unique combat with some slow, emotionless time consuming affair, and had invested more energy in story telling than game play. I wont fault it any further because there’s a thousand websites, reviews and rants about how its largely failed to live up to the expectations of it’s Playstation 1 ancestor.  The consensus is that all three Saga games cant compare with the original.

Back to my fever. Amidst enjoying Xenogears on youtube, I saw a couple clips of episode III, and it appears to have fixed a lot of the problems I had with the first game. Slowly but surely, I started getting interested again. Maybe I should jump through a ton of hoops to pick it up. (It’s 2006 release passed right over my head due to it still being dead to me, and I was too deep in Valkyrie Profile 2 and Final Fantasy XII to notice the third release. Any hopes of getting my hands on it will be through Ebay/Amazon, for a fair price). Am I being too optimistic? Did a great RPG slip through my hands, or am I so hungry for the series I’ll take anything that says Xeno on it? I’ll be seeing this game with brand new eyes, without the unconditional bias that I wore like a badge of authority, so that has to be a step in the right direction.


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