From Toys to the PSP

In 1998, I briefly graduated up to playing with Final Fantasy VII action figures. I thought that my days playing with microscopic LEGO’s were over. How could those rigid bits of plastic compare to the larger, more detailed figures of Cloud and Vincent? Cloud had a real sword. My LEGO man had a plastic spear/toothpick I almost choked on. I digress. Playing with these things was the greatest thing imaginable as an eight year old, and as deeply rooted in games as I was even then, I never imagined there would be a game that was quite like how I played with those action figures.

Oh, hello Dissidia Final Fantasy:

PSP = dusted off.

I’m still working my way through each storyline, but an hour’s worth of playing has shown me that this is without a doubt some of Square Enix’s best work in a while. Disregarding the fact that a couple of their popular characters (I’m looking at you, Cloud and Sephiroth) have another place to stick their heads out, I’m really happy to see the classic heroes from the older Final Fantasies re imagined and (re)introduced to a legion of fans who never heard of them. At it’s heart, Dissidia is a weird hybrid of a fighting game and RPG. I won’t try to explain the gameplay yet. The story isn’t anything to write home about, but the interactions between the heroes and villians are the biggest mouthful of fanservice I’ve seen in a long time.

Everyone is equally interesting, and still acts like they did in their own respective game. Cloud and Squall are fighting for the Emo, Brooding Hero Award, Terra is unsure of herself and her powers, Tidus has the perfect voice to be a male cheerleader, and Cecil is still overly trusting of the enemy, to name a few. As conventional as it seems, seeing each hero again was the real treasure.

People always complain that Square Enix is running their beloved series in the ground by rehashing and re-releasing them, and their original ideas (like Crystal Chronicles) simply fail. Dissidia shows that SE can always fall back on the classics, and based on it’s sales, I wouldnt be surprised if there was a sequel.


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