Final Fantasy XIV Closed Beta!?!?!?

With Final Fantasy XIII dropping in the US in  just two months, its hard to remember that announcements and hype are already building up for Final Fantasy XIV. Even still, its hilarious to google image search “Final Fantasy 14” and not find a proper picture yet! Recently, closed beta signups have been available for the PC version. I’m already signed up and raring to go, its just a matter of getting picked. My skill at waiting for a new Final Fantasy has risen by 0.1 .

The new title looks very promising, but the only thing that could turn me off is the combat. Final Fantasy XI’s battle system was a big disappointment for me, and the main reason I could never play past the duration of a free trial. XIV seems to cater to both casual players as well as the hardcore. In simple terms, it’ll be more accessible and players wont have to feel that it’s required to spend copious amounts of time to get something done. In my case, as long as the combat is faster and I don’t fall asleep watching my character trading hits with a rabbit, then I think we’ve got a winner.

If you’re interested in signing up for the beta, go here and follow steps 1 and 2. After that, you’ll be in the same position as everyone else: waiting. Being that it’s already reached the closed beta stage, I’d imagine that development should be wrapping up and it’s subsequent release should follow in the coming months. A while after Final Fantasy XIII of course.

A possible two main Final Fantasy releases in 2010? Epic.


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