You’ll die a lot, So What?

Ever since Demon’s Souls entered my game collection I haven’t been able to put it down. My dad’s iron clad dominion over the Playstation 3 has been broken.. more like halved, really, since both of us still tag eachother in while Modern Warfare 2 is on, and every other PS3 title has already been cleared.

I was leery when I read about a game that “teaches you how to lose,” for lack of a better word because dying is just as easy as breathing. After completing 2 of the 5 worlds, I’ve gotten to the stage where my character can handle anything the game throws at me. What Im really surprised about is that a lot of your progression depends solely on your skill. Demon’s Souls CAN be completed when your character is at level 1 if you so choose.. But not all of us are perfect. I was shocked that even after obtaining the “best suit” of armor, I still died just as easily as with the other protective gear I wore beforehand. I’ve gotten past the point where dying makes me angry, which is where a lot of people stopped playing this game (and if they were reviewing it, went on to saying it was too hard and harshly scored it). If I die, its because I got over-zealous, or became careless.

And that’s the beauty of this game. Knowing that I escaped death by taking another course of action besides zerging and hoping for the best is what sets Demon’s Souls apart from similar games like Bayonetta, Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. Even if I do get crushed, fall off a cliff or get skewered, I’ll respawn smarter, more aware, and understand how to tackle the next enemy with ease.


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