RIP Phantasy Star Universe PC/PS2 Servers

PSO faithfuls had their hearts broken when SEGA announced the closure of the Dreamcast, and eventually Xbox and Gamecube servers back in the day, and on March 31st, 2010, The PC/PS2 servers for Phantasy Star Universe will be closed down indefinitely. The Xbox 360 servers, on the other hand, will still be up and running, and will be recieving new updates and such.

The playerbase for the PC/PS2 servers have dropped off considerably in the past year, and my bet is the lack of updates to keep people playing is the main culprit. In my own tenure of 700+ hours on the 360 servers, There simply wasnt much else to do than running two or three popular missions till I was blue in the face. After crafting all of the top equipment(or just doing a zillion missions to raise the money to buy all the gear you want), theres nothing else to strive for. In SEGA’s case, I can see that the best course of action would be to cut their losses. With a number of development studios going down under in 2009, scaling services back is what everyone else is doing.

I suppose the silver lining in this is that SEGA’s finally starting to look forward past PSU. They have done a marvelous job in bringing very successful handheld Phantasy Star games on both the PSP and Nintendo DS, and the only route to go from here is to develop a next-gen Phantasy Star.

The final update the PC/PS2 servers will be recieving drops on January 29th, 2010, and will include the Maximum Attack G+ event.

RIP PC/PS2 servers, October 24, 2006 – March 31, 2010

More information about the closure is located here.


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