The Long Wait

As of now, I’ve finished reviewing each game I’ve set out to do for the moment. Between juggling five college classes and staying on top of my writing, not having a game to work on during my breaks is a welcome relief. And, I’m imposing this short break because once March rolls around, its going to be all about Final Fantasy 13.

Yes. The mammoth, the juggernaut, the supreme.. You get the idea. In my childhood gaming days, any game I played was tossed to the side for each Final Fantasy release, and that tradition isnt changing any time soon. I’m looking forward to it, and  have high hopes to truly experience it on Playstation 3. I usually think stuck up traditions are silly, but I will never mix Xbox with my Final Fantasy. I’m going into FF 13 with no prior knowledge of it. Aside from a few character names, Ive decided to not read into any information about the game whatsoever. I think thats been my best asset for being able to wait so long for its release.

By March I’ll be contributing my work to my college’s newsletter! Games, much less even anything related to entertainment is under represented, so I’m happy to have the opportunity to provide my services there too. With that said, I’m going to focus on a few articles that are newsletter worthy. Unfortunately, the casual reader isn’t as interested in the terrible state of JRPG’s nowadays like an enthusiast would be!

Thats all for now. I’ll be posting a few features to pass the time, but taking it easy from reviewing, but its only temporary. ;] cheers!


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