Console Crossroads

Oh, the joys of having every platform. There’s so many games coming out this year, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to decide what console I want to get them for. Until very recently, my third Xbox 360 (my second Elite) has been the primary platform for my gaming needs this generation. It often took hearing the booming explosions of a Predator Missile launched by an angry ten year old in the other room for me to realize I also owned a Playstation 3! No disrespect to Nintendo, but quite frankly it’s hard enough for me to keep up with the current titles of two consoles, and after Smash Bros. Brawl came and went in 2008, it’s been really difficult for me to even turn on my Wii.

However, the past few months have turned my Xbox’s monopoly into a slightly more leveled playing field. I’m hot off completing Demon’s Souls, but I sadly had to give it a rest in the middle of New Game+. If any of you have a PS3, you owe it to yourself to buy this. Between that, a short stint of White Knight Chronicles and working up to rank 70 on Modern Warfare 2, Ive been spending a lot more time with a trusty DualShock 3 in my hands. So far, a few choice titles are in my sights:

Super Street Fighter 4

-More characters, more Ultras, more Modes, and probably more of some other stuff I cant recall right now. Capcom leaps forward towards “definitive” with each revision and addition to Street Fighter, and this is no different. What’s worthy of mention, is that it’ll be a budget release priced at $39.99. Broke Fightpad because you got owned online? Put the money you just saved down on another one.

Resonance of Fate

-Like many of you, Final Fantasy XIII will be the RPG dominating March for me as well, so I’m putting it on the back burner. Call me a Tri-Ace fan. I fell in love with their work on Valkyrie Profile 1 and 2, and I still believe that series hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves! Their RPG’s are always a little bit quirky, but are the good kind of quirky. Aside from the fact that the cast has an uncanny resemblance to the heroes of Wild Arms 1, a new IP sounds nice in this world of sequels, prequels and such.

Star Ocean The Last Hope (International)

-Now, I’m putting SO4 here because I have never sat down and played through any of them! For me, it looks like one of those games I’m never going to fully understand until I actually play it. Since the International edition is for the PS3 and the original is on 360 (for lower price by now I assume?), this counts for multiplatform now. On YouTube I remember watching videos of super boss battles from the earlier games in the series and not understand how much HP they really have. One attack combo did like.. 5000 damage x 14 attacks, something insane like that. SO4 looks like it has an intriguing battle system which has me interested right away. I’m not too keen on the story but the clichés galore I’m reading about aren’t deal breakers for the most part. What do you guys think? Is it a worthy purchase, why or why not?

These are just a few that are on my mind. There are some other really good multiplatform games coming out, very soon at that. Perhaps my plastic guitars and weathered Xbox controls can use a vacation. After all, the only time my 360 has been on this month was when mom was playing Tetris. Hey you multi console kids, what are you all going to do?


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