Rivalries of Final Fantasy

Besides the sappy love stories, angsty main heroes and surprise “Nice to meet you, LETS FIGHT” final bosses, a few select Final Fantasies have achieved such acclaim for their rivalries. Besides the obvious drive to save the world from the forces of Evil, Our protagonists periodically rumbled with their arch enemies. Here are a couple grudge matches that still endure, and quite frankly, helped elevate their prospective stories above the adventures they were without them.

Cecil vs. Kain – Final Fantasy IV

They’ve been friends since childhood, and achieved high positions as commanders of the Baron Air Force and Dragoon Squadron respectively. The two seemed inseparable bro’s for life until.. gasp! A woman was involved. It’s obvious that Kain’s unrequited love for Rosa and jealousy of Cecil was what made him more prone to Golbez’s mind control. Watching Cecil get his ass kicked in Fabul early in the game by his former ally set players up to caring about their friendship. Too bad the Dark Knight never gets to rematch him after becoming a Paladin. Kain’s sudden falls to the dark side were sudden and brash twists to the course of the story. At least he made the party swear to off him if he ever screwed up again when he rejoins the party at the Giant of Babil.

Who would have won?

Kain. Although Cecil grew up a lot over the course of his journey, he always was completely shocked and could never stop his friend from sabotaging everyone. If Kain were to magically come under mind control again and turn on the party in the Lunar Subterrane, Cecil would likely freeze up.

Cloud vs. Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII

How does an ordinary spiky haired guy kill off the baddest mofo in the world? Why, by constructing a false reality that he’s actually someone else who did! Cloud had a lot of things going from him from the beginning of the game, but as the plot bombshells went off in Disc 2, we learned that nearly everything that was cool about him was yanked from Zack. Sephiroth gets some points for manipulating the course of most of the journey behind the scenes till our heroes reach the Northern Crater for the first time. Taking control of our blond schizophrenic when it was convenient was pretty spiffy too. It just sucks that when it finally came time for the party to go toe-to-toe with the real Sephiroth – not an imitation composed of Jenova’s cells, he fell rather easily. I guess summoning up a super nova that destroys five of our solar system’s planets aren’t enough to do it.

Who would have won?

Cloud. When he isn’t too busy dwelling on the past or running away from his obligations (like in 80% of Advent Children), Final Fantasy’s most popular hero can actually put up a good fight.

Squall vs. Seifer – Final Fantasy VIII

Nothing screams solidarity like sporting matching forehead scars. Oh wait, they were just playing around at the gym. Damn. Squall and Seifer’s friendly match in the beginning of the game is without a doubt one of the more appealing ways to open a Final Fantasy. Squall’s cold, cynical personality clashes with Seifer’s brash and forceful nature pretty well. After joining Sorceress Edea and becoming her right hand man, Squall and Seifer went to battle occasionally throughout the adventure. Yeah, they also sort of dated the same girl, so that could also be causing some of the animosity behind their pissing contest. Seifer was a tough cookie. Being another Gunblade user, and powerful enough to cut the Odin in half has to say something about his prowess. Why didn’t he come to his senses and rejoin the party, like every player was waiting for him to do?

Who would have won?

Edea. Squall was so busy talking to a wall and Seifer was chugging all the hotdogs at Balamb’s Cafeteria that our semi antagonist came around and took care of the both of them with little trouble. Sorry, but Squall died at the end of Disc 1 and the rest of the story is a fabrication.


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