Goodbye, Nujabes

(Hey readers, I’ve been meaning to write another blog commenting on some of the facets of Final Fantasy XIII, and I will! As of late, I’ve been a little buried under schoolwork and have been putting out a few articles for my college’s publication, so yeah. But first, I need to write about this.)

I woke up on Thursday to the worst news this year so far, bar none. Nujabes, Jun Seba, has passed away. There’s nothing like fervently thinking the five of your close friends on Facebook who echo the same news stories were wrong, and just like every other time, my bad dream was all too real. I’m still reeling from hearing the news. Hell, I’m sure anyone who even listened to any of his music, or just watched an episode of Samurai Champloo is feeling the same way.

Now, I know he wasn’t light years ahead of many other artists like MJ was, but somehow, his death hit me harder. His music was so influential for me, and as soon as I was introduced to his music, its constantly been blaring out of my earphones, and eventually my car speakers. He renewed my interest in Hiphop, and many up and coming artists have cropped up with a similar style. If any of you haven’t heard of him, ask someone about the guy who will single-handedly change your perception of what good hiphop (or music in general) is, in my opinion. Better yet, I strongly recommend taking a trip to Youtube and listening.

Here’s a couple of my favorite tracks, along with a statement from Shing02. Nujabes, I’m gonna miss you. Your music has kept me going, and it will continue to do so in the future. Enjoy.


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