Time to Pack it In

Video games are a constant in my life; I often wake up on a Saturday morning, turn off my alarm clock and grab my freshly charged PSP to play a couple matches on Dissidia Final Fantasy. Later on, I’d take a thirty minute study break to duke it out on Super Street Fighter IV, followed by setting my alarm for the next day and playing Star Ocean First Departure for about fifteen minutes before sleep.

You see, between all of the schoolwork I’ve been keeping up with (and every semester is more rigorous than the last -___-), I’ve amassed a ton of story ideas, With at least one for each of those games I just mentioned. However, that sometimes annoying thing called responsibility rears it’s ugly head in the closing month of each semester. With it, I also have to handle all the homework my instructors can legally cram in, extra-curricular stuff, and of course, finals.

In short, my writing time is on its death bed during May, and I can’t do much about it till it’s over.

In the meantime, I have a few additions I’d like to make to the site, to update it a little bit. I really love this layout as you can see, and if you’ve been a reader since Day 1, I tested a new layout each week. I’m getting a little better with managing it and such. I have a WordPress for Dummies book, but haven’t been able to crack it open for too long. Perhaps I’ll keep fumbling around till I discover something new, who knows.

As some of you know, I’m also a columnist for my college’s newspaper. I figure it’ll be good to post what else I do here as well, so I’ll be making clippings of my work for you all to see that.

Yeah, I figured I’d never resort to using bullets, but you know what they say about never. Here’s a couple things on my mind –

  • My birthday is rapidly approaching (June 2nd!!) And I’ve been doing a lot of research on Netbooks. My 17 inch Vista laptop is great (except for the Vista part, which sucks), but is just too damn heavy to carry around, which defeats the purpose. I think I’ve found something nice, an Asus 1005PR .what do you think?
  • Obvious Statement of the Day: For everyone having trouble, getting owned or what have you on Super Street Fighter IV, get offline, and practice. Stay persistent and you’ll get better.
  • I’m thinking of getting into the Star Ocean series. If I do, I’d start with 1 and 2. What do you guys think? SO4 has been getting a lot of flak lately too. I want to give it a chance, but all the negative things I’m hearing about it is making it hard to take the plunge. Are the older games good enough at least?

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