Finally Done!

After two long weeks of agony, pain, suffering, and a couple well-placed game breaks that turned into all nighters to compensate a lack of my regular doses of gaming, I’M COMPLETELY, DEFINITIVELY, WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT FINISHED WITH MY FINALS! My short break will only last until mid June, where I start my summer course. That’s a long enough period of uninterrupted relaxation for me. Thanks to California’s budget cuts and such, I’m only limited to taking a Physical Education class, which isn’t too bad I suppose. On top of that, I should be hearing back from that thing we call an employer, so we’ll see how that goes. In any case, this was by far my most difficult semester, and I’m really proud I was able to fly through it without melting down (completely).

One of the few things that have definitely kept me sane this semester is Dissidia Final Fantasy. Ever since I got it this past Christmas, it has occupied the UMD slot of my PSP and has never left it’s metallic embrace. From the first day I popped it in till now, I’ve hit 145 hours of gameplay – a near inhuman feat for most of us, but entirely possible when played in between classes or whenever there’s some time to do a couple battles or two. I don’t own too many PSP games, but out of the ones I do have, they’ve all been excellent and have all stolen a LOT of my time. For Dissidia, it’s the ultimate game for the Final Fantasy fan. Despite the extreme time I’ve put into it, I still feel as if there’s a lot to do.

When I first started, new equipment, abilities and characters seemed to get unlocked with every fight I won, and I was constantly wondering when this would end. As I reached Level 100 as Bartz, my main character, things seemed to trail off as I maxed him out. The story modes and Duel Coliseum kept me going for a while, until I met with the final boss, Chaos.

Let’s give a warm welcome for the newest member of the Worst Fighting Game Boss Society.

And I thought SNK Boss syndrome was bad. Ultimate Rugal is a damn choir boy compared to this guy. Every fight against him is clearly made for the player to lose! Most of his attacks are unblockable, or undodgable. Should you somehow break out of his attacks or he whiffs you, there’s usually a second part to his combos, which you can never escape from. His summon stone restores itself, while yours can only be used once in the three round fight against him. It has multiple uses, like tripling the damage he does, freezing his bravery so he can immediately dish out the pain ad nauseum, and reducing your own bravery to zero in less than five seconds. I wish I were making this up, and not telling some kind of ghost story to make you guys afraid. He’s unnecessarily cheap, and was the only roadblock in an otherwise excellent game. Based on how loud I cheered when I landed the final blow on him in the Library, beating him was a highpoint in my play through. The 15-25 hours devoted to losing wasn’t.

I think it’s a good time to retire Dissidia. With Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep coming out in September, I have the summer to pass the time, at least on my PSP.

As I write this in the corner of my college’s near vacant library, I’m itching to get home and decompress on my . I’m slightly annoyed that I can pick up a game on its release date or within the same week, but never seem to complete the game or get far enough to write a competent review, and post it up while it’s still super-relevant. I guess I’ll have to settle for just relevant, which is okay. I’m a college student first and foremost.

Alright, enough with the rambling. Time to get back in writing shape, and get to work on the handful of blogs I’ve cooked up. Cheers!


One response to “Finally Done!

  1. Interesting, took you some time to kill chaos eh? Did you fight inward chaos lv.150 yet? Now that’s a challenge.

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