Short Update

Hey readers, just a short update here. My third week of school came and went, and everything has been going pretty well so far. I’m satisfied with my classes, and beginning to get the hang of juggling them with work. With everything on my plate this time around, this year is definitely shaping up to be my toughest yet. Even so, I’ve been left wondering when I would be able to fit in some time to get some gaming done. After I finish my homework, it’s usually time for me to head to sleep, or I’d be spending time with my girlfriend. Obviously, not being prepared for school or neglecting my relationship isn’t an option, so once again, games have been taking the backseat. From one perspective, I suppose such is the life of a “truly” busy college student. However, I’m having a really hard time believing it.

Although my PS2 with Star Ocean Till the End of Time sits a few feet away from my bed night after night, I haven’t turned it on in about three weeks. I haven’t forgotten the storyline or the gameplay at all, but it’s pretty ironic how I sunk 20-30 hours into it so quickly, (It’s funny, most of that time was in the span of three days) and my chances of getting a few hours in lately have been nonexistent. Since a couple games I plan on reviewing will be released soon, I seriously doubt that I could finish it with the way things are now, much less enjoy playing through it like I was before school started again. I suppose the good thing is that if and when I ever get tired of reviewing, I’ll always have that backup game when there’s another drought.

For the majority of the summer, the TV that houses my Xbox 360 and Wii has been dead. It’s a 50 inch Sony HDTV, and the only reason why I’m ever in the living room. Unfortunately, it’s been well documented that the projection lamp inside of the casing is prone to failure after a period of time. Every nine months or so, the picture quality begins to degrade, and eventually, it will refuse to turn on. This is extra ironic, because the older televisions around the house have never had any problems, but this new(er) tech fails more often than a first generation Xbox 360. I had planned to spend some time getting back into Guitar Hero in time for its newest release, but I’ve been stopped against my will, until yesterday.

Playing Guitar Hero after six months of inactivity is a pretty humbling experience. I used to slam through nearly every song on Expert, achieving 5 stars effortlessly. I played “That Was Just Your Life” by Metallica on Expert, and had to stop halfway through the song. My wrist on my strumming hand was really hot and began to tighten up due to the breakneck strum patterns, while my fretting hand looked like the broken legs of a spider. It was pretty bad. Still, I ignored the pain and kept going. Eventually, I was used to the pain again and it eventually faded away. After about three hours of playing non-stop, I feel like I made some major progress towards getting my old skill back. I always made it a point to help out those that played with me, by telling them that they have to practically “play till it hurts, and then keep playing” in order to get better, and for once, I had to follow my own advice. I’m a little rough around the edges, but with a couple sessions like that; I’ll be back to my old self, perhaps even better.

So yeah, I’m practically at capacity in terms of things to do, so I’ll have to take my gaming breaks as they come, and enjoy them while they last before I have to get back into the grind of school and work. This semester, much less this year as a whole, will push me to the limit. My posts may be a lot more infrequent (can they get more sporadic than they already are?), but you all know what I’m working on. Peace!


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