Which Game Should I Review Next?

Alright, I have a bit of a dilemma here. I wanted to review Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, as well as Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, but I think I have to decide on just one. I knew both were going to be coming out this month, but their release dates are awfully close to each other (If you factor in playing and reviewing). If I’m playing and working through one, the other game will easily slip under my nose.

It’s not a problem of choosing which one to buy, since affording them isn’t an issue. The challenge to being a renegade writer like me (ha, ha) is that I have to be mindful of my timing. Sure, I could definitely write an excellent follow up to Roger Ebert, expanding on my original response to what he was trolling about a few months ago, and it would be a great piece without a doubt – but how many of you guys want to hear me yell at the brick wall otherwise known as the ‘Videogames as Art’ debate again at the beginning of this great Fall season of games? Well, perhaps one of you would, but an article like that would untimely, indulgent, and most importantly, unnecessary.

Timeliness is the cornerstone of journalism, and right now, it’s a bit of a hindrance for me. I’d love to review both games but with my schedule, it’s just not an option for me at the moment. So, my question to all of you out there is, which of the two would you like to see me review more, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep, or Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock?


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