When You Train Hard…

Putting in some hard hours is the best way to get your skill back in anything, and this includes Guitar Hero. I like playing games and leaving them alone for long periods of time, because when I pick it up again, it’s like I’m experiencing them for the first time all over again, while remembering helpful hints that I learned in the past to get ahead that much faster. With Guitar Hero, It feels as if I’m teaching myself how to play all over again. Slowly but surely, I’m beginning to do sweeps, some light tapping and most importantly, building up the stamina in my arms again. Granted, handling hundreds of books a day and staying mobile at work is a light workout for the body, but playing expert is definitely a conditioning session focused on my fingers, wrists and mind. I suppose to the casual players out there, getting all 5 stars in a song are fine, but for me, I get pissed when I mess up a section that I used to play effortlessly. There’s something about hearing the “mess up” sound in the middle of a great solo, or a steady stream of repeated notes that burns me up inside. There’s still a while before Warriors of Rock is released, but judging by the two high scores (which decimated my previous scores, and they were sight reads!) I just put up on two songs I used to have trouble with is a good sign yeah?


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