Whats Next?

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t forgotten Phantasy Star Portable 2 at all. I just submitted my (abridged) review for it to my college newspaper this week, but I have to go more in-depth with it and add a lot more material that would help flesh it out before I post it here. One benefit to reading my blog here is that you guys get to see all of my work, not just a portion of it!

Hey readers, it’s that time of the year – the Holiday season is quickly approaching! Christmas trees will soon be up, decked out in lights and ornaments, the egg nog will be flowing like water, and even a number of games will be rolling out Holiday-themed events. Most importantly, gamers are going to be flying out of nearly every retailer with a number of great deals. To make things better, I’m on the prowl for a new game as well.

So, I’ve been eyeballing my next purchase, or two.

First, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has me definitely interested. I’ve never really cared for the NFS titles that focused on being like a simulation racer, since Gran Turismo (which is just about to release this month as well) and Forza Motorsport has had that under control. Honestly, the one and only NFS game I liked was Most WantedCarbon, Prostreet and Shift just didn’t do it for me, but I suppose the upside is that the franchise has tried other styles of racing. Coming back to its roots with Hot Pursuit has gotten my attention, because I liked the level of arcadey’ racing that made Most Wanted good. It wasn’t painfully realistic or constrained with so many rules and mechanics that made driving a real car more exciting. Also, if I were to pick this as my new game, it would be the first racing game I would review! As you probably guessed, my forte is Role Playing Games, but it would be good to show some range by reviewing something out of that circle. Until the next wave of RPG’s in 2011 start showing up, I think I’ve covered the games I’ve had my eyes on in a while, so a genre switch would be a breath of fresh air.

I mentioned Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock a few blog posts back, but I stopped paying attention to it since I had picked Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to review. Even so, since I’ve been powering down from Phantasy Star Portable 2, I’ve been getting that itch to pick up my plastic guitar and shred again. Most of the time, I can only listen to music while I’m driving. As odd as it sounds, I’ve been air “guitar’ing “more and more often to whatever I’m hearing! In addition to that, the article I wrote recently comparing and contrasting both Rock Band and Guitar Hero has also piqued my interest. As much as I hate spoilers, it has led me to look at the note charts during game play videos of Warriors of Rock. Needless to say, I’m impressed with the music they’re featuring this time around. There’s one caveat though. The TV that my Xbox 360 is connected to died out again. I had gotten a projection lamp in the mail some weeks ago, but the TV has either burned out the lamp in a matter of days, (it usually takes about a year or so. I know, it’s ridiculous) or is seriously defective. Either way, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Guitar Hero in the best possible location for me at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from moving it to my room temporarily…

We’ve come to another poll! Which game do you guys think I should review? Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, or Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock? Don’t like either of those choices? Suggest another game!


One response to “Whats Next?

  1. One thing this article brings to mind is the abundance of blockbuster Video-game titles that are on the market.
    It’s easy to get buried under a list of games one might be looking forward to. (I sure am.)
    And much like this article, most people have to greatly consider getting one great game over another great game, and adding the game they do not get onto an ever growing list of prospective purchases.
    At least, that’s how I treat my purchases. I know some people who just walk into a game store when they have a spare 60$ and buy on impulse.

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