Marvel vs. Capcom 3 First Impressions

After over a decade of rocking the arcades, home consoles and never missing a step with newer fighting games, the most popular crossover fighter Marvel vs. Capcom explodes onto the scene with its third game. After clearing the arcade mode and playing online for a little bit, I can’t be any more excited about this game. I’m still getting my bearings in the arena, but here’s a few things I’ve noticed –

While marveling at the cast of fighters this time around, it’s hard not to miss the characters that have gone missing. Fan-favorites like Strider, Cable and Captain Commando have been left out this time around, but Capcom’s rationale for this is definitely fair in my opinion. It goes without saying that a lot of resources are required to bring a character into this game; the graphics are on par with Street Fighter IV, if not better. Because of this, it’s important to have each fighter bring something new to the table. This is evident in the presence of Super-Skrull, who combines all four of the powers of each member of the Fantastic Four. While he may be a great example of consolidation, I’m having trouble with looking at She-Hulk next to her well established male counterpart, or both Dante and Trish who appear to play similarly. Perhaps they’re not so similar, but we’ll have to see about that. A cast of 36 characters on disk with at least two more on the way via DLC is significantly less than the 56 who flooded the select screen in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

I started off with a team consisting of Zero, Wolverine, and Dante. While Megaman will also be greatly missed, I think Zero was a better fit for my play style. The frantic nature of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 looks like it favors fast damage dealers, rather than slow bruisers like Thor. Once I hit training mode and got the very basics down, I went out and beat arcade mode relatively quickly. The unlockable characters which included Akuma and Sentinel, were also unlocked effortlessly as well.

Playing online was pretty nice as well, but I’ll go more in depth in my review. Capcom’s great netcode ensured that I had no bad connections; I was pretty surprised at that.

I also came upon a very helpful page for beginners and veterans of Marvel vs. Capcom. From the good people at, check out this comprehensive guide to understanding everything you need to know in order to master Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

As always, I’ve only scratched the surface of the game.  Stay tuned for the review, coming soon.


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