Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Reviewed!

Hey readers, in case you haven’t caught the link on Facebook, Twitter or your email if you subscribed, my review for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is posted. Check it at the link below, I hope you enjoy it!

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I’ll be working on my follow up article(s) now that the review is done, staying busy until my next game, Dissidia Final Fantasy 2 is released.


Crisis Averted!

Color me infuriated. I’ve had my fair share of issues with my consoles; my third Xbox 360 stands as a testament to that. I’m not a professional, but I’d like to say I’m good at fixing a number of problems that have dropped onto my plate. It’s never easy, but solving them does leave me feeling a little gratified, that is if it’s a problem that can be fixed in the first place.

“That’s not supposed to happen…”

For a few days, Mass Effect 2 was unplayable for me. After finishing the game as a male Paragon Shepard (and subsequently writing an article about the choices in the series thus far, found here), I thought it would be fun to play through the game again on Insanity as a female Renegade. I was having a blast until I had died for the umpteenth time. While I was reloading like usual, my game had abruptly stopped in the middle of the loading screen, forcing me to power off my Xbox. Each time I tried to start the game again, it would freeze up and have to be manually powered off.

I began to fear the worst. “Is my Xbox going to fail?” “Is this the first symptom of a Red Ring of Death error, or the beginning of a chain of bad occurrences leading to a slew of other problems that would render my system dead as well?” A lot of things flew through my mind; it was tough to stay calm. The idea of troubleshooting a console has steadily evolved from simply blowing on the cartridge of an NES game, to running down a long and tedious list of fixes for our current generation consoles that rival a help manual for a computer. When did it ever become so complicated? Throughout the night and the following two days I began narrowing down the possible causes:

1.       Removing all of the Downloadable Content (Stupid mistake)

2.       Cleaning the disks, even though they were in perfect condition

3.       Contemplating using canned air to dislodge any built up dust inside (REALLY STUPID. Thankfully I didn’t go through with this)

4.       Calling Electronic Arts and wasting about an hour of my time (The technician ended up sending me a knowledge base article on Microsoft’s website for how to get on Xbox Live…..)

5.       Playing another game

After four really dumb ideas, I finally landed on something mildly intelligent! As I said before, when you’re not in the right state of mind, foolish things are bound to occur. I proceeded to find out every other game I bothered to put in worked just fine, so it was only Mass Effect 2 not functioning properly. I tried using a different Gamertag as well, and lo and behold, the game was playable again! Only problem is that since I wasn’t using my primary profile, I didn’t have access to the save files I would be using in the first place. Because of this, I realized that the issue had to be centered on my gamertag.

“What seems to be the problem with your game, sir?”

Of the many problems and glitches people have had to battle with to get this game to work, my case had yet to be brought to Bioware’s attention, and because of that, it lacked an official fix. I was literally on my own, unless there were others in my situation that just haven’t spoken up. I did some digging, and eventually got in contact with other Xbox 360 users that had the same problem.

Upon further investigation, the problem lied within the save files connected to my gamertag. Apparently, if you have “too many” save files, a rare instance occurs where an important save file, like your AutoSave(which brings you right back to the last place the game saved before or after a battle or major plot point) or ChapterSave (which brings you to the beginning of the mission you’re in) can get corrupted. This is very problematic because when Mass Effect 1 or 2 is turned on, it is also readying your most recent save to be loaded immediately. Even though you haven’t actually gone about to manually load the save file in question, this is done for you. If these two files or a save you made on your own are corrupted, the game will freeze when you try to advance past the start screen, which was my problem in the first place.

…How I got this fixed isn’t up for disclosure…

….But nevertheless, I had found that my AutoSave for my female Renegade was 0kb’s. Having no file size essentially makes it corrupt, and obviously fails to load. After rectifying that, I was able to load my game up again, and was subsequently able to play as well.

From what I gathered, there are a number of possible causes to this, but I’m willing to bet that this problem won’t be addressed by Bioware or Electronic Arts. Mass Effect 2 has been out for a year and a month now, and if a major issue like this hasn’t gotten some attention yet, it likely never will. I just hope that when Mass Effect 3 comes out, other gamers like me won’t have to wrestle with the system in order to play.

It’s funny. My reasoning behind preferring console gaming to computer gaming is very simple – I don’t have to pray that my machine can handle a new game, and don’t have to be haunted by the idea of having to invest in new tech in order to keep your machine useful. With a console, I just have to pop it in, sit back o the couch and enjoy. For a few days, I had joined the minority of players afflicted with errors. When you aren’t having problems with your game, people like me are invisible; yet if your game fails to work, then you’ll see other people with problems everywhere you look.

Whats Next?

In case you’re wondering, I haven’t forgotten Phantasy Star Portable 2 at all. I just submitted my (abridged) review for it to my college newspaper this week, but I have to go more in-depth with it and add a lot more material that would help flesh it out before I post it here. One benefit to reading my blog here is that you guys get to see all of my work, not just a portion of it!

Hey readers, it’s that time of the year – the Holiday season is quickly approaching! Christmas trees will soon be up, decked out in lights and ornaments, the egg nog will be flowing like water, and even a number of games will be rolling out Holiday-themed events. Most importantly, gamers are going to be flying out of nearly every retailer with a number of great deals. To make things better, I’m on the prowl for a new game as well.

So, I’ve been eyeballing my next purchase, or two.

First, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has me definitely interested. I’ve never really cared for the NFS titles that focused on being like a simulation racer, since Gran Turismo (which is just about to release this month as well) and Forza Motorsport has had that under control. Honestly, the one and only NFS game I liked was Most WantedCarbon, Prostreet and Shift just didn’t do it for me, but I suppose the upside is that the franchise has tried other styles of racing. Coming back to its roots with Hot Pursuit has gotten my attention, because I liked the level of arcadey’ racing that made Most Wanted good. It wasn’t painfully realistic or constrained with so many rules and mechanics that made driving a real car more exciting. Also, if I were to pick this as my new game, it would be the first racing game I would review! As you probably guessed, my forte is Role Playing Games, but it would be good to show some range by reviewing something out of that circle. Until the next wave of RPG’s in 2011 start showing up, I think I’ve covered the games I’ve had my eyes on in a while, so a genre switch would be a breath of fresh air.

I mentioned Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock a few blog posts back, but I stopped paying attention to it since I had picked Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep to review. Even so, since I’ve been powering down from Phantasy Star Portable 2, I’ve been getting that itch to pick up my plastic guitar and shred again. Most of the time, I can only listen to music while I’m driving. As odd as it sounds, I’ve been air “guitar’ing “more and more often to whatever I’m hearing! In addition to that, the article I wrote recently comparing and contrasting both Rock Band and Guitar Hero has also piqued my interest. As much as I hate spoilers, it has led me to look at the note charts during game play videos of Warriors of Rock. Needless to say, I’m impressed with the music they’re featuring this time around. There’s one caveat though. The TV that my Xbox 360 is connected to died out again. I had gotten a projection lamp in the mail some weeks ago, but the TV has either burned out the lamp in a matter of days, (it usually takes about a year or so. I know, it’s ridiculous) or is seriously defective. Either way, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy Guitar Hero in the best possible location for me at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from moving it to my room temporarily…

We’ve come to another poll! Which game do you guys think I should review? Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, or Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock? Don’t like either of those choices? Suggest another game!