Ventus, Complete!

I’m a little bit surprised that I cleared Ven’s storyline in four days. More or less, he romps through the same worlds as Terra, and now I’m seeing the point of the three-pronged approach to this game. It’s nice to notice when more than one hero is in the same world, and how their actions are seen from another person’s perspective; again, its encouraged to clear each story to get the full picture.

Gameplay wise, I would say Ven’s game was easier than Terra’s – that is to say, he plays the most like Sora, making him the easiest to get back into playing a Kingdom Hearts game. They’re both nimble, quick, and of course – they can fly. I went through Neverland as Terra just waiting for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to sprinkle him with magic dust so he can take flight. It never happened, so I guess adults really can’t fly, oh well.

I liked Ven as a character. He’s the most cheerful of the three heroes, and his personality and interactions with others made each scene memorable. Terra’s brooding nature seemed to drive a wall between the bubbly Disney characters, but I’m just being nitpicky. Ven connected with people like Stich, Mikey, Donald and Goofy. The first thing that drew me to him was his obvious resemblance to Roxas, from Kingdom Hearts II. Why does he look just like him? Is this some kind of ploy to get all fans to collectively say “wtf, who is that?” Well, if I were to answer that, then what’s the point in all of you planning to play it? I’ll just say that it’s an interesting plot twist. Regardless, the overarching plot is sometimes difficult to follow, and when you have a new character that looks like someone we’ve already met five years ago, it’s a lot more complicated than just passing them off as something like an older twin…

To build off of my previous note about Final Fantasy’s presence in this game- I’m sad to report that no other characters have been found. Still, a young iteration of Zack is so far the sole representative for Final Fantasy, which is kind of odd. One of the main draws to Kingdom Hearts is seeing a universe that combines the elements of two really big properties: Disney (Duh) and Final Fantasy. Having only a side character (at best) weakens that very easy way to market this game to those fans who swoon at the chance to see someone like Cloud or Squall/Leon again. I still hope that this isn’t the case, but time is running out. Perhaps a bunch of characters are just hiding in Aqua’s story!

I suppose in defense of this decision, having a deficiency of Final Fantasy characters allows the game and the players to focus on the central protagonists. As a prequel, their actions are very important, and this game serves to answer a lot of those questions that still haven’t been answered, or have been speculated on for years. It’s all up to the individual player, but I’m sure a lot of Final Fantasy fans would be dissapointed there isn’t much for them.

If I learned the basics of Birth By Sleep with Terra, then I’ve gotten proficient with Ven. Chances are, what I’ve learned with him will make Aqua’s story a breeze-  but we’ll see.

Well, I’m off to start Aqua’s storyline. Happy Gaming!


Terra, Complete!

The picture basically explains it all. But, if you want to somehow dodge any harmless picture that could be construed as a spoiler, I’ve just finished Terra’s portion of Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep. Overall his game wasn’t too difficult, but the final level for his storyline gave me a run for my money. Even though I was on standard mode, I was getting way too many game over’s for my own good. I’ll leave his last boss anonymous, but relatively speaking, he was pretty damn tough (hard like Sephiroth) compared to the rest of the boss battles in the game, at least for Terra. Kingdom Hearts does an excellent job with each boss battle, I was never disappointed.

As far as Terra goes, he only grazed the surface each Disney world he visited. In the short time he interacted with each character most of us have grown up with, the eventual boss battle signifying the end of his portion of the world occurred sooner than I had expected, and after that, he would be off towards the next destination, and at times, very abruptly. With Snow White, he meets her and protects her from a horde of Unversed. Like the frail girl she is, she runs at the sight of danger into the forest (Yeah, the same forest where the trees come to life and grab at her). Terra turns around and sees the boss behind him and defeats it easily. “What does this all mean? Maybe I will find my answers elsewhere…” Snow White’s world is complete. I can understand this approach to the narrative, as it makes me want to play through the next character to see what happens next in each world after the previous hero leaves. Later on, I find out Ventus shows up with the Seven Dwarves to take Snow White to the cottage.

Hopefully this is just Terra’s problem, but Final Fantasy characters have been nearly non-existent – I’ve only seen a very young Zack from Final Fantasy VII, for about ten minutes. So far, all of the other (popular) characters have yet to make an appearance. I hope that gets rectified soon.

That’s all for now! I would have been more diligent in completing everything there is to do, but since I’m reviewing this, I had to fly through as fast as I could. I’m working through Ven’s story now, so stay tuned!